Gardena - Textile Hose Liano™ 10 m Set with Tap Connector for Indoor Taps


About this product

The perfect set for watering your balcony plants. 

With the textile hose Liano™ 10 m set with a tap connector for indoor taps you can easily bring water to your balcony or terrace. The daily watering of flowers becomes a real pleasure to do and will make working in your garden or on your balcony significantly easier.
The set includes the Liano™ as well as the nozzle and the indoor tap connector. Installation by hand takes just a few steps.
The principal focus was on the innovative textile fabric, which offers a variety of benefits. For example, the hose is very robust. This protects it from frost and UV radiation while also enabling the Liano™ to withstand high water pressures of up to 35 bar. An additional exceptional feature is the very light weight of the hose, which makes it easy to handle when moving the Liano™ along the ground or carrying it in your hands. Last, but not least, the textile fabric ensures maximum flexibility. The hose can be moved easily around corners without getting kinks or becoming tangled. There will also be no traces left on the hose when it is pulled across a patio or comes into contact with thorny bushes.
The Liano™ set is compatible with all conventional taps with M 24 x 1 female or M 22 x 1 male threading. The tap connector is an especially useful addition for balcony plants or when filling a paddle pool. Just connect it in the kitchen, for example, and you’ll be able to reach these places easily using the Liano™ and the nozzle, meaning you won’t have to carry a watering can any more. GARDENA is offering you an unbelievable 30-year manufacturer’s warranty on the Liano™. This speaks to its remarkable quality and durability, which are due to the use of top-quality materials.