Gardena - Smart SILENO City Robotic Lawnmower System Set


About this product

The Gardena smart system Start-Set contains the components required for fully automatic lawn care and efficient water management in your garden. 

The smart Water Control and the smart Sensor automatically control the water supply in your garden, and thus ensure the flexible irrigation of your plants according to individual requirements and the level of moisture in the soil. The irrigation times can be conveniently adjusted via the Gardena smart App and aligned with the mowing times of the smart SILENO. With its SensorCut Systems, this robotic mower cuts your lawn accurately and reliably and is so quiet, you can hardly hear it. You can enjoy your free time and a perfectly manicured lawn. 

The smart SILENO city is suitable for small lawn areas of up to 500 square metres. It masters inclines of up to 25 percent and even manages narrow corridors and tight passageways without a problem. During installation, a programming assistant guides you through the setup of the individual mowing and watering plans. The smart Gateway ensures central networking, which creates an internet connection using an existing router. In this way, it acts as the core of the smart system to permit cable-free network communications between all GARDENA smart system devices in the garden and the GARDENA smart App.