Gardena - Smart SILENO City Robotic Lawnmower System Set


About this product

The Gardena smart system Start-Set contains the components required for fully automatic lawn care and efficient water management in your garden. 

The smart system Start Set from GARDENA allows you to water your garden optimally and to suit your exact needs, as well as allowing convenient and fully automatic lawn care. The set includes the smart SILENO city robotic lawnmower, the smart Water Control, a smart Sensor and the smart Gateway and is ready for immediate use. All elements of the GARDENA smart system are controlled by the free GARDENA smart App (iOS / Android), which you install on your smartphone or tablet. Setting up and operating your new GARDENA smart system is very easy thanks to the app's helpful assistants. You can use them to operate the smart SILENO city robotic lawnmower. With its SensorCut System it mows the lawn particularly precisely, reliably, and pleasantly quietly. It is ideal for areas up to 500 m² and can cope with slopes of up to 35% and narrow, less accessible areas. The cut grass remains on the lawn, where it can be used as natural fertiliser. The compact and precise smart Sensor has an extra-large sensor zone and measures the moisture of the soil at the roots of the plants, exactly where you need it. The measured values such as the moisture level and the current ground temperature are sent via the Internet directly to the GARDENA smart App on your smartphone or tablet via smart Gateway. You can now monitor, activate and adjust your garden's irrigation system at any time, anywhere. The watering runs via the smart Water Control, which is installed simply and directly on the tap and allows you to program various different schedules. Together with the data from the sensor, you can now irrigate your garden according to your needs and, above all, economically, saving precious water. The intelligent irrigation system ensures that your lawn and plants are only watered if the soil moisture measured by the smart Sensor falls below a certain value. This prevents the garden from being watered unnecessarily after long periods of rain. This not only protects your garden, but also saves water. The smart Water Control can be switched on and off manually at the touch of a button. In the event of frost and excessively low temperatures, the smart App warns if smooth operation can no longer be guaranteed. The app can be used to coordinate the watering times with the cutting times of the mowing robot. The smart Gateway, included in the set, is the centrepiece of your new smart system. Thanks to powerful wireless receivers, it offers a secure, stable connection with a long range. The smart Gateway is easily connected to your Internet router via WiFi or a LAN cable. The smart Sensor and the smart Water Control are powered by 2 or 3 AA batteries respectively, which allow wireless operation for a complete garden season. Never leave your garden behind. With an intelligent irrigation system and robotic lawnmower, your garden is taken care of, from anywhere.