Gardena - Robotic mower SILENO minimo 250 m


About this product

The powerful robotic lawnmower for small lawns

Quiet, versatile and intelligently designed - that's the GARDENA SILENO city. The SILENO city is ideal for smaller lawns. Once you enter the lawn size, desired mowing schedule and preferred start time in the installation assistant, you're ready to go.
Your mowing robot calculates the required mowing time and schedule all by itself - so convenient!
The SILENO delivers high performance and convenient mowing, thanks to its quiet engine your neighbours won't even notice your robot is mowing.
The SILENO city will go out and mow the lawn on its own, whatever the weather, rain or shine. The lawn always looks wonderfully well-manicured. The CorridorCut system ensures that even narrow spaces from 60 cm and dead ends are mowed perfectly.
Thanks to the SensorControl function for grass growth your robotic lawnmower can determine how often your lawn needs mowing, ensuring just the right amount of grass is cut. The SILENO city keeps the blades of grass accurately cut to a specific length.
The boundary wire indicates to the SILENO city which area of the garden should be mowed and the guide wire directs the robotic mower reliably and fully automatically around all mowing areas, even through narrow spaces, back to the charging station.
It mows completely autonomously; giving you more time to focus on doing the things you love in the garden. Even gradients of up to 35 percent are no problem. The SILENO city can be cleaned easily with a garden hose, it couldn't be simpler. Lawn mowing becomes so easy with the SILENO city, just sit back, relax and watch the robotic mower do the hard work for you. You will wonder how you ever managed without it! And of course - it's a GARDENA.
The programming assistant guides you intuitively through the initial installation, and our how-to videos will help you through the process. If you should need further help or have any questions, please contact our customer service.