Gardena - Robotic mower SILENO+, 2000 m²


About this product

The powerful robotic lawnmower for lawns up to 2000m² 

Take the hard work out of lawn care! The intuitive GARDENA SILENO+ keeps your lawn immaculate to your chosen length, so you can sit back, relax and spend more time doing the things you love in the garden.

It runs so quietly that it is hardly possible to hear it mowing the lawn before it returns fully automatically to the charging station.

Thanks to its unrivalled, exceptionally quiet engine, you won’t even notice your SILENO mowing before it takes itself back to the charging station, and no need to worry about disturbing the neighbours!

The mowing times are freely programmable and easy to adjust, meaning that the Robotic lawnmower is only in operation when you require it. Your new helper in the garden is also pretty clever; using the SensorControl function it will analyse how long the grass is and assess how often it mows and if mowing is needed at all. Ensuring your lawn is always the length you like it.

The Spot Cutting feature on the SILENO mower is perfect for mowing those hard-to-reach places such as under garden furniture and trampolines. Using a spiral cutting pattern, it will mow the lawn to match the rest, ensuring a neat, even lawn.

Thanks to its powerful rear-wheel drive, the GARDENA SILENO+ is able to cope with uneven ground with inclines of up to 35 percent. Spend more time doing the things you love in the garden – thanks to your SILENO+ by GARDENA.