Gardena - Battery Trimmer EasyCut Li-18/23 Ready-To-Use Set


About this product

Easy & cable-less trimming thanks to long-lasting battery power 

Passion powered by GARDENA. Easy lawn trimming without a cable: the Battery Trimmer EasyCut Ready-To-Use-Set makes it possible, possessing many practical properties to get your lawn in shape. Even in spots that are usually hard to reach! The EasyCut Li-18/23 is very light making the use of the device more comfortable. You can use the cordless trimmer for a long time without feeling tired. The battery has great endurance as well and is, next to the charger, included in the set. As the EasyCut Li-18/23 does not require to be assembled it can be used straight away. Before you start, easily adapt the cordless trimmer to your needs - the handle is adjustable as well as the telescopic shaft. This way you can keep an upright and relaxed posture while trimming. Do you want to cut underneath obstacles? Then simply tilt the head of the trimmer. Don't worry about plants that grow in a flower bed right at the edge of the lawn. The pull-out and removable plant guard provides that your flowers and bushes are well protected.