Gardena - Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer THS Li-18/42 without battery


About this product

Cut tall hedges with battery power – while safely standing on the ground 

Trim tall hedges effortlessly using the GARDENA Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer THS Li-18/42. Thanks to the adjustable telescopic handle, the hedge can be brought into perfect shape, whilst standing safely with both feet on the ground. The cutting head can be easily tilted to bring the blade into the correct cutting position. This allows hedgetops to be conveniently and accurately cut without having to climb a ladder. On the other hand, you also don’t have to kneel down, as groundcover can be cut back just as conveniently. The hedge trimmer is powered by an easy-care GARDENA System Battery with 18 V and 2.6 Ah (battery not included). The battery can be quickly recharged at any time without memory effect.